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TrackMan Tested

Ronnie Lindeskov

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PGA Pro, TrackMan Master

A Conversation with a TrackMan Master Trainer

TrackMan Master Trainer: "There are a few interesting things. The spin rate is less on the 60's because there is less friction (spinloft over 45 degrees is not a good thing for friction) so it's more the landing angle which stops the ball, which could explain why it's a more difficult shot to pull off.


There is a great pattern for the consistency for your system and a bigger dispersion for 60's that's for sure."

Danny: "Question: Not sure what you mean by your comment "spinloft over 45 degrees is not a good thing for friction."

TM: "Spinloft is the difference between dynamic loft and angle of attack. So if the loft on the surface that hits the ball is 41 and you hit 5 degrees down, the spinloft is 46. When the spinloft is higher than 45 degrees the friction is less (like you said). The ball will start to roll up on the face and thereby less spin. So launch angles will be difficult to control. If the friction is high the launch will be closer to AOA (angle of attack) or lower.  Less friction will launch the ball higher (more towards face loft) and I think and know by playing that the difference in launch angles make it very difficult to have good distance control".

Danny: So I'm correct to say that clubs with lower lofts and higher spin rates offer more distance control and clubs with more dynamic loft have less spin rates which causes the likelihood for the ball to start rolling up the face and slide across the face which makes distance control more difficult?

TM: "Yes, I would say that's the case. Because when the ball starts rolling up the face both launch and spin control is challenged and as you know it's important for distance control on every shot. I believe you are on to something here".