35 Minutes

Simple, innovative, scientifically supported system that makes "gimmies" commonplace!

Setup position

A simple, yet precise setup is essential to making consistent quality contact with the ball from a variety of lies.


Two simple formulas with two clubs that enable the player to calculate, not guess, the proper landing spot & a predictable rollout to the hole.


Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect! Practice The Chipping Equation system and you will get better & better, guaranteed!


Adjustments for Uphill or Downhill, Faster or Slower Greens, Poor Lies vs Good Lies, Short Side or Long Shots, etc. Our video includes simple modifications to your landing spot that work to get your ball close to the cup!


The Chipping Equation students are seeing their up-and-down rates increase up to 80%! Save 2-3-4 strokes every round of golf, guaranteed!

Danny Edwards

5-Time PGA Tour Winner

If you struggle with your chipping, you're not alone. Even PGA Tour players miss at least five or six greens per round. I was lucky enough to play alongside the world's best and had the great fortune of winning five times on the PGA Tour! While my overall game is balanced, it's no secret that chipping is my strength.


Any professional golfer, whether PGA Teaching Professional or PGA Tour Player knows that scoring takes place close to the green. Golf Digest stated, "a golfer's score is determined by what they do within a wedge shot of the hole." In other words, if you can't chip the ball close enough to the pin that you make your next putt, you're going to be adding strokes to your score every round you play.


Golfers can recover from poor drives and poor iron shots which invariably happen to all of us. On the other hand, we cannot recover from poor chip shots because nobody makes a high percentage of putts from outside eight feet. By that analysis, it's hard to argue there's anything more important to a golfer's game than chipping.


That's why I want to teach you my never-before-released, "The Chipping Equation."


With my chipping system, you will learn a variety of precise, yet simple techniques to be able to consistently calculate and execute shots to a landing spot and its' rollout. I promise you this is the best $40 you will ever spend on your golf game! 


So stop guessing around the greens and learn my system. It'll change your golf game forever.


- Danny Edwards