Golf the Journey

In the 1972 Trans-Mississippi Amateur Championship at Brook Hollow Golf Club in Dallas, TX, I was very fortunate to have a rare honor; to meet and shake hands with the great Mr. Ben Hogan. Tournament director Mr. Jimmie Vickers invited Gary Koch, Ben Crenshaw and I over to Mr. Hogan's table and introduced us! What an honor!

We stood there in awe for a few minutes, just looking at the man, and finally Gary asked, "Mr. Hogan, how much did you practice when you were our age?"

I still remember thinking at that moment what a great question that was! Mr. Hogan looked each one of us three straight in the eyes and said, "Boys, only when it was light"! I remember thinking, that's about all the time! I shook Mr. Hogan's hand quickly and headed over to the putting green!

Do you spend a lot of time practicing your chipping, but don't seem to get much better? Do you think if you just had more time to practice, you would do a lot better? Do you walk up to the green and have trouble deciding where you should land the ball or wonder how far it will rollout?

I want you to do yourself and your golf game a great favor and get my Chipping Equation video which will answer the questions you have never even known how to ask! How about walking up to your chip, dividing the distance in steps from your ball to the cup by one of the two simple formulas, selecting the landing spot and club the formula tells you to pick and then striking a chip that lands on your spot and starts rolling toward the cup, stopping 1-2-3 feet away from the cup!

It's not a dream... it can be a reality with The Chipping Equation! There's nothing like it.

Stop guessing, be precise and start improving! You deserve it!

Lower scores are waiting!

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