Has Your Golf Game Gone Static?

So your game is not improving. Every time you go out to the course you're playing the same way and naturally getting the same results. So why not try something new?

The most likely path to lower scores for 98% of golfers today is chipping. If we acknowledge that nobody makes a high percentage of putts outside ten feet, perhaps chipping the ball closer to the hole is our most realistic option for improvement.

Stop guessing. Learn a system to chip balls closer to the hole so you can make a high percentage of those putts! 2-3-4 strokes or more per round can be saved by learning The Chipping Equation system that teaches players how to calculate the proper landing spot and make necessary modifications for a variety of terrain and green speeds. Recent TrackMan test results support The Chipping Equation’s foundation for playing most shots around the green, on the ground, rolling like a putt. This horizontal momentum is more consistent and predictable than any lob shot and will drive positive results. So what do you have to lose? Give it a try, gain an advantage. It can change your game forever!


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