Horizontal Momentum

We have an epidemic on our hands!  Single digit golfers, 10 handicappers, average golfers, even beginners and some professionals have caught the dreaded "Lob Wedge" disease (probably from the PGA TOUR Players) for chipping around the greens! 58 and 60+ degree wedges cause the ball to fly more vertical (unless you belly it over the green) with uncontrollable spin where the less lofted irons in "The Chipping Equation" cause a much more controllable horizontal momentum, with virtually no spin, that consistently keeps the ball rolling toward our target, the hole!

The age old law of chipping says, "play the ball on the ground rolling like a putt because you have the most control over the ball when it's on the ground"! Spin and the vertical flight on the lob wedge are inconsistent, not to mention that misses can be disastrous! The Chipping Equation is the cure you need! 

Our game is hard enough. Let's play the shots in the "Equation" that have high margins for success and get your up and down percentages to 60% to 70%!  YES!

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