Shot Values in Golf

Have you ever thought about it? In basketball you have 3 shot values; 3 points-2 points-1 point. In baseball you have singles, doubles, triples and home runs which could be 1-2-3-4 runs. In football you have 6 point touchdowns, 3 point field goals, 2 point safeties plus a 1 point extra point by kick and 2 points for a conversion.

In golf every shot is one stroke no matter how short or long. A 260 yard drive down the middle has the same value as a 2 foot putt! A beautiful 175 yard 5 iron to ten feet has the same value as a topped 3 wood! I would argue that a precisely calculated and executed chip shot ending up a foot or two from the cup is one of the most valuable shots in golf!

Most of us are missing 8-10-12-14 greens or more per round and getting 10 to 20% up and down. That's why we have the handicaps we have! In my video program, The Chipping Equation, there are two clubs with two formulas for carry and predictable rollout. There is also a simple, yet precise setup position to insure consistent quality strikes.

This system can and will become the most important part of your golf game. With some practice drills I teach you in the my video, the Equation wil

l take your chipping up and down percentage to 60% to 70%! How would that feel to knock 2-3-4 strokes off your scores every round, for the rest of your golfing days? It's your choice. The results are coming in! It CAN happen for you too!

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