The Lob Wedge Epidemic

Imagine playing catch with your buddy standing some 40 to 50 feet apart. But instead of asking you to throw him the ball normally, he asks you to throw the ball at a 45 degree angle to the ground and land right where he is standing! Not only that, he asks you to open up your palm and let the baseball roll up your hand and fingers as you try to throw the ball! What do you think the odds are that you will hit his glove? Close to ZERO!

My friends and fellow golfers, that's exactly what chipping and pitching with a lob wedge is like! Not my opinion, that's exactly what the TrackMan research study showed chipping and pitching with a lofted wedge over 45 degrees! "Spinrate and launch angle are compromised because the ball starts to roll up and skid across the face of clubs over 45 degrees in loft". If you want to keep flubbing those shots, dumping them right in front of your feet or blading them across the green, just keep on doing what you are doing with that lob wedge. If you want to get better FAST, get The Chipping Equation video at and start learning how to play the highest percentage shots "ON THE GROUND" confirmed by the TrackMan analysis!

You will never have seen anything like this comprehensive system before! The Equation will teach you how to use two clubs and two formulas that will give you control over shots all around the green that you will never have before experienced! You are leaving strokes on the course if you don't give The Chipping Equation a try! The only thing you have to lose is 2-3-4 strokes a round off your scores! I guarantee it!

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