"Dear Danny,

My players have improved so much. They finally have a way to practice and a game plan over each shot. They are able now to see and measure the results. All of my players up and down percentages have improved."

Jere, PGA, NCAA D1 Coach

"My story is that I could drive, I could putt but I had a high handicap around the greens...This is what I was looking for.. some kind of a system. And this is what The Chipping Equation & Danny taught me. Now I'm very happy."

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Ronnie Lindeskov, PGA, Denmark

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"Yesterday I shot ONE OVER PAR! Before I was guessing... All feel. Now I am getting 80% up and down around the greens... Thank you, Danny!"

Bob Modliszewski, Golfer, USA

"The Chipping Equation is a simple system using two clubs & two formulas that allow golfers to accurately calculate the right landing spot and a predictable rollout to the pin. This works for a variety of shots so the ball will finish "at the hole" (1 to 3 feet), where golfers will make a very high percentage of those stroke saving putts!"


Danny Edwards, 5-Time PGA Tour Winner

"Spent 5 days in Naples, FL, recently using Danny's chipping formula every day. Trust me, it works laughably well! Do yourselves a favor and check it out. Danny rules!!!"

Jerry Bottcher, Golfer

"After being with the boys for two-years, myself and the other coaches have insisted that the "hero flop shot"... is not always the correct play... I think that any golfer, regardless of skill level can benefit from your program; it is an awesome shot to have in your bag."

NCAA D1, Coach